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Turn to us for spiritual guidance services in Killingly, CT

Getting to know yourself seems like a simple task - but it can actually be one of the most difficult parts of life. Luckily, our psychic mediums are here to help. Travelling Tarot offers spiritual guidance services in Killingly, CT and surrounding areas.

We're committed to spreading messages of clarity in a compassionate way. Our mediums use a variety of tools and techniques to help our clients understand their inner selves and break free from insecurity and uncertainty. To schedule an appointment for in-person or virtual psychic energy services, call 508-499-8444 today.

No divination tools required!

Our mediums have lots of experience with divination tools like tarot cards, but we don't have to use these in your session. We can also read your energy simply by having a conversation with you.

We offer several spiritual guidance services. You can come to us for:

  • Tarot readings
  • Oracle readings
  • Astrology and dream interpretation services

Contact us today to learn more about our energy readings and specialty services. And be sure to ask about our service trading payment options.

Hire a medium for your party or event

In addition to energy reading, astrology and dream interpretation services, we also provide private reading services for events. We can do readings for guests at weddings, birthday parties and corporate events.